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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.


A Portrait of the Artist

Hidhir Razak

Featuring Lai Yao Khuan and SYK Design

In an increasingly competitive and specialisation-prone design industry, accomplished portraitist Lai Yao Khuan and accomplice Shane Ang are on a mission to elevate not just his own craft but also the skills and creative direction of fellow artists in Singapore. 

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Motifs to Motive

Clarissa Tan

Featuring Rifqi Amirul

Rifqi explores the feeling of sublimity, and the sense of familiarity in unfamiliarity in his use of symbolism based on his travels to heritage-rich Indonesia. 


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The Art of Being Lyrical

Deborah Loh

Featuring Abigail Goh

Always in a state of constant reinvention, Abigail keeps things fresh by challenging herself to think in the most unexpected way. She distills the warm and fleeting moments that she experiences in her daily life and plants them in her art with the hope that they can be a source of comfort to strangers and to herself.

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