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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Sketched and Etched


Sketched and Etched

Kristine Ng

Featuring Ong Yi Teck


SIMPLE OBJECTS AND great effort create great things.

It is midnight, in the corner of a room, a dim anglepoise-esque lamp bends its adjustable neck to shine a spot on a drawing paper which was drawn and erased over and over again. All is almost done before this piece of work can be deemed as perfection, but patience is hanging on a thin thread of exhaustion, and when either one of these snaps, it sends a crushed drawing paper flying into the waste bin.  

This is a typical experience for Ong Yi Teck. Being an artist whose drawings are based on animation and real-life, there is a need for precision and detail in the simple lines and shadings he puts on white paper. The thing is, every stroke counts to create that bigger picture you have in mind. However, the 19-year-old confessed that he did not start out perfect and well-versed with proportions.


Instead, he began his journey of sketching by simply tracing over actual images and drawing the outlines. “Mistakes are inevitable and there are countless of occasions where I would crush the drawing because the proportions were all wrong.” said Yi Teck.  As it is when met with any other problems, it is vital to not be discouraged by it and continue. The key is to “keep practicing until you get it right.”

Mistakes are inevitable... The key is to keep practicing until you get it right

Nevertheless, sketching and drawing has been a joy to Yi Teck as he remembers that it was after watching his first animated film, A Bug’s Life, that sparked his interest . He gladly admits, “I was really captivated by the realism of the images and how moving the story was that I began to draw on my own.”  Even today, Disney Pixar has been a strong motivation for Yi Teck where you can always find him drawing characters from their productions.  

“All my drawings meant a lot to me”, but it is the drawing of Woody from Toy Story which he felt most achieved with. Woody was the first artwork that Yi Teck made visible and remarkable improvements in, which of course, garnered many encouraging comments.

“Their affirmation gave me the confidence and motivation to continue doing what I love and keep improving further.”

I'm really proud myself for making that milestone and this drawing is the symbol of it.

Crediting well-known animation companies such as Pixar and Studio Ghibli, Yi Teck hopes that he could one day, work with them. Learning from experiencing is the best opportunity one could ever have. To be able to work as an animator means the chance to produce exceptional and unique works. “It will be such a great experience to be able to learn from the best in the industry.”


Apart from that, Yi Teck believes in creativity over technicality. He argues that being unique as an individual helps an artist to be more prominent while techniques and skills can be mastered overtime, under proper supervision and practice. “Creativity is something that comes from within and cannot be taught!”

It’s about your emotions, perspectives and how you express your ideas.

For now, Yi Teck is focused on realistic drawings of cartoon characters and human portraits. Moreover, he is hopeful to venture into different drawing techniques and painting styles in the future.


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