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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Draw, and Draw them Well


Draw, and Draw them Well

Kristine Ng

Featuring Aderyl Tan


DOGS ARE MAN'S best friend, and their inspiration. This is something Aderyl Tan completely agrees with. After all, working on her final project in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) had never felt more heart-warming. It is because her 9-year-old Golden Retriever, Oreo, was the main subject of her project.  “He has been my companion through the many late nights I have stayed up to rush assignments and a comfort to me after a long stressful day,” explained Aderyl. Thus, it is of no surprise that this project was one of her favourites.


Aderyl Tan recently graduated with a Diploma in Illustration and Design at NAFA and is currently pursuing a BA (HONS) in Communication Design at Glasgow School of Arts, Singapore.




Copic pens and a sketch book are what Aderyl uses to meet tight deadlines in school. Come weekends, she is faced with another challenge of teaching arts and craft to children. Besides wearing an apron to dodge paint and glue stains, Aderyl has to get accustomed to new teaching methods for the children. She admits that teaching 2 to 6 year olds requires arduous effort and patience but is nevertheless, extremely “enjoyable and very inspiring”.


Aderyl was also part of the Noise Design Team, 2013


Aderyl’s work is greatly inspired by her environment. She finds herself emotionally attached to things and extensively analyses certain topics. It is only natural that social interactions are also essential to Aderyl in a bid to widen her scope of views and perceptions.

Most of her works circulate around social problems such as poverty and stereotypes. However, controversial topics such as religion and race are also her focal points. She wishes that people can reflect and ponder about these issues and lastly, feel emotionally connected to them.

I always love seeing works that I have to take a while to absorb and it stays in my head for a really long time.


One of Aderyl's biggest inspiration is British illustrator-animator, Julia Potts. Pott’s ability to translate numerous drawings into animated films is the main reason why Aderyl is so motivated by her. Pott’s works are characterized as “whimsical, strange and thoughtful” and Aderyl hopes to have the opportunity to collaborate with Potts, and understand her thought processes.


 I just want to draw and draw it well.





Meticulous pen work coupled with vibrant colours presents a sweet and lively mood to the works of Aderyl’s. Nonetheless, Aderyl would like to explore other mediums of drawing, such as digital illustrations, and the possibilities of using a Wacom Pen.


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