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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Off-hand Honesty


Off-hand Honesty

Kristine Ng

Featuring Michelle Maxine


YOU MAY HAVE come across the works of Michelle Maxine at weekend art markets here in Singapore. The varying thickness of the black ink which seeps into the rough surface of old-school notebooks, the ebb and flow from the curves of each shape drawn--these are pretty much the creations of Michelle. When it comes to drawing, Michelle believes it’s all about the “spontaneity” of it.


Most often than not, Michelle’s drawing roots from a vague idea or theme before “branching out into the little details on the spot “.The first image that she drew was an A6 sized paper filled with different buildings peppering about in an upward scale. Even then, Michelle admitted that her mind was blank throughout the whole creation process. It was, simply “therapeutic.” 


It’s about zoning out and getting lost in creation for me


Michelle’s inspirations for her artwork mostly stems from “mindless things “. Nevertheless, beneath these “mindless things”, she discovered that she actually had pre-conceived themes to her works. When drawing man-kind, Michelle’s illustrations usually circulate around pensive themes such as “abuse, loss and death”.

The consistency in producing works allows Michelle to grow with a clear direction and originality. One such example she explained was her ability to create works “in series now, rather than random, solo pieces, as it was in the past.


As far as imagination and being enchanted with her drawings can take, the 19-year old Arts Business Management student also handles the business side of her art.


Michelle, better known as 2m6m on Tumblr and Instagram, has undoubtedly received much support for her artworks. Despite the lack of feedbacks about her artwork, she feels contented with the encouragements that she has received.  Thus, Michelle makes sure every work she produces is unique to her supporters. Apart from selling her illustrations on stickers or on notebooks, Michelle is often more excited to receive personal requests “to create something for them”.


Currently, there are already existing ideas “floating about” in Michelle’s head when it comes to experimenting with other materials and mediums. Among such ideas, there lays enthusiasm to explore the use of acrylic paint, silkscreens, embroidery and even mixed media. 


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