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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

A "Me" Type of Creation


A "Me" Type of Creation

Kristine Ng

Featuring AQIUX


DOCUMENTING HER LIFE  in intricate and intimate ways requires no more than a pen, a piece of paper and a pair of careful eyes.  “Is this the right angle?” and “am I using the correct colour?” are some of the many questions Jess ponders about as she scrutinizes the details of her subject. 


Flashing back, it was only during her vacation last year that she embarked on this creative journey by doodling her trip and thoughts. Though “in love with drawing", Jess never expected to receive an encouragement from her friend to further establish her identity as an artist. 


Today, Jess goes by the name of AQIUX on Instagram, where she share her works which range from Chinese words to illustrations of people and their fashion styles. Speaking about her recent proclivity towards an individual’s dress sense, Jess says that she was “inspired by the curiosity of how people dress and think.” She further points out her interest in creating a platform to bring out the best in everyone. Indeed, it was heart-warming to hear that the rationale behind this series of works was to “remind her subjects that they are special and an inspiration to life.”

We live to inspire one another.

Coco Chanel, Jess adds, is one of the notable icons she looks up to for inspiration. She strongly stood firm in two things - her values and her fashion style. This is what Jess hopes to articulate through her artworks as well. Jess proceeds to reaffirm her belief that “a person is not defined entirely by how naturally they looked, but by their dress sense and the things they believe in.” Jess concludes that this is a sum of “their whole being.” 


Besides developing a strong identity, originality and reasoning are also paramount in shaping Jess’ artworks as it gives life to them. Whether it is the artist herself or her audience, Jess hopes that people can enter the “state of appreciating and understanding” the subject. 

I inject my soul into every creation which makes it “Me”.



Despite setting aside typically long hours (4 to 6 hours) to draw an art piece on her digital tablet, Jess remains undeterred. After all, this is the least she feels she could sacrifice, in order for the detailed artworks to come alive and speak for themselves. 

Jess considers the epitome of an extraordinary artwork to be “beautiful, invigorating and uplifting”. As she hones her skills as an artist, she expresses her desire to work with local illustrators, Messymexi and Tye Sok Kuan, as a learning opportunity.



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