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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Given Invigoration


Given Invigoration

Kristine Ng

Featuring Tristan Lim

A work deemed successful, in the eyes of 20-year-old Tristan Lim, is one which is able to move audiences in a “spontaneous, almost instinctual way”. Tristan compares this with graphic design, which takes a more direct approach, thus, narrowing down the possibilities audiences can react to it. Having graduated from Visual Communications, he admits that the Arts is his ultimate root and passion. 

To be precise, Tristan is in fact, an artist who is heavily involved in multi-disciplinary works. Just like the broad term of Art, many meanings and expectations can be added and multiplied under the large umbrella of “Multi-disciplinary”. For Tristan, “Multi-disciplinary” relates more to the method of output of his work. Different tools, software, methods and modes are quintessential to craft out the artistic vision of Tristan’s works. The time spent on researching and exploring various methods and modes are in hope for creating “varied but aesthetically and conceptually cohesive artworks.” 

Tristan’s interest in Visual Arts slowly grew as he explored different modes of art in different phases of his life. Dwelling heavily on analog and hand-drawn works as a starter, Tristan then slowly transited into abstract artworks which are produced digitally. 

When you constantly innovate and your taste grows and expands, and you develop a more mature and varied repertoire.

Transition- that is not the word solely used to describe Tristan’s growth as an artist. Prevalent themes of impermanence are often addressed in his works, with impassive and enduring subjects mainly found as well. Amongst the fleeting and transitional moment created in his works, Tristan desires to recall a sense of precious fragility in mankind. He explains that there are no restrictions and boundaries in his works; the subject is laid bare to be consumed by the viewer. Simply, in Tristan’s words “I wish for my works to be subtle and honest, yet, emotionally powerful and visually striking and engaging.”

Putting forward the stage of transition is inspiration and translation. The immediate surroundings of Tristan are essential in tingling his senses for his next work. This could be anything ranging from marbled lift tiles, tree barks or the pattern cuts of fabric prints. Tristan takes a mental note on interesting textures, then visualize how they are able to function “composition-wise”, or if they could be adapted into an “aesthetic element”. 


When it comes to producing artworks, Tristan chooses quality over quantity.  Embodying a “very strict and rigorous” standard for his works, a complete work would call for at least a 90 per cent in-line check with his original vision of that particular work. 

Aspiring to become strong in his techniques, yet diverse in the modes of artworks chosen, Tristan is intrigued to lead “an uncompromised (artistic) vision even when his works are very different from others of his time.”  He looks up to artists such as Francis Bacon, Marefumi Komura, James Jean, Zdislaw Beksinski and Gerhard Richter, who have nonetheless, lived by the above humble teaching. 


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