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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

In a Fleeting Moment


In a Fleeting Moment

Kristine Ng

Featuring Ly Yeow


IF YOU REMEMBER enjoying a scoop of ice-cream on a sultry day along Bencoolen Street, chances are, you came across the works of Ly Yeow. The Adventures of Catboy was the first solo exhibition by Ly Yeow, held at Merely Ice Cream. The exhibition depicted an introspective journey of the fondness the artist had for a boy, as illustrated by the character, Catboy. Though the exhibition documented the progression of emotions Ly Yeow felt for Catboy, she kept each piece of work lighthearted. 


For the past five years of "longing, missing, to healing in the course of an unrequited romance,” Ly Yeow secured her memory with Catboy with that of happiness.

This series of illustration was able to connect with people on a “highly personal level.” Ly Yeow have never imagined that many viewers would identify with Catboy when she put her creative thoughts on paper. For instance, a viewer contently took home two of her prints, ready to put them on display at home as she begins her new life with “her very own Catboy”. Another viewer spoke of how Catboy reminded her time and time again that the “act of loving is selfless”. 

I am thankful to have the chance to share this vulnerability, show up, and be seen and to connect .

Illustrating such lighthearted, yet personal work is never easy. When asked whether the story or the artwork came first, Ly Yeow drew in a third deciding factor and answered in the best way possible: “feelings come first”. Drawing out of an urge is a form of catharsis for her. 

Ly Yeow further explained that each drawing stems from a true personal story she experienced. The illustration where Catboy and her stood under a yellow umbrella was drawn purely out of euphoria. In contrast, another illustration showing a girl standing in the rain alone was drawn out of longing. The artist, who depicted herself as the girl wearing “the same dress, cardigan and granny glasses” is indeed, thankful that her works can create a comfortable avenue and space for her inner voices and thoughts to be made known.

Feelings are addressed, stories included and artworks made.

Concluding on The Adventures of Catboy, Ly Yeow emphasized on how strategic the location of her first exhibition was. Overall, “location is important in the viewing experience; the cozy setting allowed customers to enjoy my works over a yummy scoop!”

In the months following her exhibition at Merely Ice Cream, The Adventures of Catboy was exhibited at Jewel Café, Singapore and Petit Morpho Gallery, Hong Kong. Other series of works by Ly Yeow includes Moonboy, which comprises of the most emotional illustrations by the artist to-date. In the meantime, Pugboy, inspired by the artist’s current romance and source of happiness, is in the works. 


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