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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

The Art of Being Lyrical


The Art of Being Lyrical

Deborah Loh

Featuring Abigail Goh

CHILDHOOD MOMENTOS HAVE a special sentimental value because they remind us of a time long past but fondly remembered. As we busy ourselves with life, our little knick-knacks get tucked away in some corner of the house, only seeing light when we plunge into a bout of nostalgia where we uncover the artefacts from our yesteryears.


Abigail has her own collection of childhood mementos too, created by her younger self. These traces are evidence of her budding artistic tendencies early on in life. She recounts vividly, the time she sat with her mom in the balcony, dipping her pinky in iridescent paint and printing petals on a teacher’s day card. While most of us did a short stint as an amateur artist during our schooling days (i.e. art class), Abigail decided to make it her vocation. She is currently pursuing a degree in something she loves.


Vegetable book

Tomato page


Singapore Symphony Orchestra Calendar

The simple voice of a girl from Singapore, together with all my experiences of the world around me, is translated into my artistic decisions, making each piece of artwork uniquely mine.

The 22-year old, who is currently studying at The Savannah College of Art Design, says that she leaves a little bit of her soul in every one of her creations.


Over the years, Abigail has strayed away from what merely pleases the eye, and now tries to communicate intelligent ideas through simple design. While the conventional standards for beauty have always focused on aesthetic quality, there has been a shift in recent years with more emphasis on the message. Many designers spend sleepless nights thinking of how to deconstruct a complex idea into its simplest form, perhaps to better reach out to the layperson. As the saying goes, the idea is king.   


Gun for good

I look forward to the day when simple, conceptual illustration will be appreciated with the same enthusiasm as something decorative or aesthetically beautiful by the audience back home (in Singapore).


Above all, Abigail creates with the hope that her works can add a splash of colour to a dull day and perhaps put a smile on the faces of others.    

While she treats each project as an ephemeral experience, one particular work that strikes a cord with her is Ah Mah’s Box, for the impact that it had on her family. Created as part of her A-level Art coursework, this toolkit contains handcrafted packets and tools, as well as an illustrated garden journal. When asked about the motivation behind this particular work, Abigail explains that she grew up at her grandmother's place and has many memories of their time together. She remembers that her grandmother always had a green thumb and they spent many hours together tending to the little garden at the HDB corridor.

Beyond the family filter

 I hope to distill warmth from the details in life, and translate this lyricism into my work.

Ah Mah's box

Seeing her age, I genuinely hoped there was a way to preserve the life in this wonderful woman. I simply combined her knack for gardening and my wish to heal her pains, and came up with the idea behind this project.


The Window Collector


The Window Collector

Abigail feels that her some of her works do have a nostalgic quality; she tries to sentimentalise moments and details lest they slip by quietly. She likes to think of herself as someone who collects these moments and plants them in her art.

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