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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.



Yap Yen

Reintroducing Canvas: Wander 

A compilation of local original artwork based on the theme, Wander, takes flight in line with our travel issue. As the year draws to a close, take a breather and wander with us. 

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Travel: Wander

Obscured Team

Open Call for Canvas 



Canvas is a curated page dedicated to original artwork based on a theme. Our next theme, in line with our upcoming issue – Wander. 

Wander will showcase art, events and creative projects that relate, re-tell and encapsulate aspects of travel.


Wander goes beyond the mere physical act of going overseas. It has to do with a journey, being on the road and exploring the unknown. We want to know about where you've been and who you've become on the way there. We want to hear about the journey as much as the destination. 

The physical aspect of travel is, for me, the least interesting; what really draws me is the prospect of stepping out of the daylight of everything I know, into the shadows of what I don't know, and may never know. Confronted by the foreign, we grow newly attentive to the details of the world, even as we make out, sometimes, the larger outline that lies behind them. – Pico Iyer

Some examples of work we are looking for: reflections and photo essays from off the beaten track, journeys you have undertaken which have taught you meaningful lessons, songs about being on the road, musings about traveling together or alone. 

To submit or suggest original work, please email by 12 December! 

Silent Night

Obscured Team

Inaugurating our Canvas page is a series of carefully curated selection of local works that celebrate Christmas' spirit of love, family and giving. Happy holidays from the team at Obscured.

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