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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Remember to Tell Your Children


Remember to Tell Your Children

Jenson Gabriel Tan

Featuring Kevin Too of Tell Your Children


KEVIN TOO OR BETTER yet known as Arcadia, is an illustrator who graduated from Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Design with a Diploma in Visual Communication. His influences vary from his present surroundings, feeding everything he experiences. Evidently, his works depict forms of esoteric occultism, arcane and alchemy. Instinctively, his style relates to street artists Clogtwo, Aryz and Nichos, who also carry strong precise line work and details that showcases distinctive style and prowess in medium.


The winning entry for the Urbanscapes x Kult Design-a-monster competition by Arcadia



Part of Kevin’s flourishing accolades includes being part of the SBTG’s classroom 1 exhibition with a group of artists that aim to push boundaries on customisations on a pair of sneakers. He is also one of the 100 artists for the 100friends, 100songs exhibition at TCC to raise money for the Transmission: Lab project by :PHUNK Studio. In addition to these, Kevin was also the winner of the Singapore edition of the Urbanscapes x kult Design-a-monster competition, which he illustrated a large grotesque monster with a signboard stating “WARNING : Tell your children to keep off the grass.”


Before this, Kevin showcased a book titled “Brandemic” for his final year project.  The book is filled with over 200 pages consisting of his illustrations done within three and a half weeks. The narration of the work is set in a realm where consumerist brands are viruses that infect the public with a disease akin to that of small pox, albeit with a different kind of lethality.

[Brandemic] showed me a glimpse of my potential and how I could actually take the art thing (i.e. a career) seriously

Kevin feels that Singaporeans are slowly, but surely becoming more open to the arts. This is in relation to the sudden growth of exhibitions and showcase of local talent in recent years. With reference to the recent spotlight on skl0, when she made headlines for her distinctive urban art, Kevin questions whether our Singaporean society could loosen up, or as he describes, “to live a little”. He believes that ultimately, there is more to life than just wealth.



As many artist-hopefuls begin to pursue their education overseas, Kevin believes that it is more likely for them to immerse in the culture, experience and opportunities that their destination would provide them as compared to the degree they are pursuing. Particularly, the United States and the United Kingdom, being places with a multitude of creative talents and a rich history to boot, he reminds everyone that in the end, hard work still prevails. Well, he does want to head over to the states but would do so if he could find a sponsor. 


Recently, Kevin (Arcadia) and 3 friends - Russell, Oak and Bindi and Deonasaurus, have formed a new collective – Tell Your Children. Complementing each other with their similar styles, Tell Your Children had recently curated their first collective show that happened on 18 January 2014 at SBTG Studios. Those interested in street art and illustration should keep their eyes peeled for the works of this collective in the future.

So, any last words from Kevin?

“Eating your greens won’t make you any taller.”

You can catch Kevin on Instagram and you can check out the Tell Your Children collective on their website or their Facebook page.


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