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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

The Nocturnal Ones


The Nocturnal Ones

Jenson Gabriel Tan

DARK ELEGIES OF the night are just one of the aspects the influences Jacintha Yap on her journey in visual communications. Being a recent graduate of Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Design, Jacintha has already been able to exhibit at Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences.

You are not special

Influenced by various ideas of the darker slice of life, lunar cycles and mysticisms regarding the moon, surrealism, and video games, Jacintha’s latest work, The Stray Sheep, is a great example of her influences. She took the idea from a puzzle video game, Catherine, where dreams and the night were the highlighted theme. As someone who experiences sleepless nights, she regards the need to have a place away from home during these periods, as something essential.


In the future, Jacintha does hope that Singapore would eventually become an arts and design hub. At our century, she describes that we are constantly scaling greater heights and that maybe one day, we would reach our peak and become comfortable in our own skins. She does hope to see more crossing of boundaries between art and design and the unification of these two creative disciplines in the future. On her own future, she is still constantly thinking about furthering her education or expanding her career overseas. She appreciates the fact that the art and design community here is small, giving it an intimate setting, but nothing is set in stone. It is ever changing.

Jacintha's namecard

Regarding simplicity as the greatest form of sophistication, Jacintha finds herself aligned with the similar sentiments of Leonardo Da Vinci, among other esteemed artists. However, she understands that simplicity is often associated with shallowness and superficiality, which she does her best to avoid.  Her aim in design is to make it simple, yet significant. Simplicity punctuated with meaning and elegance.


The Stray Sheep

The branding project that she undertook was a conceptualised night café targeting introverted nocturnal individuals who wish to escape the realities of daytime. The concept of The Stray Sheep behaves like a travelling night café on a perpetual search for a place to call home. It echoes the idea of home as being ever-changing and as something that can be self-made. Given three months, this final year project of hers was a physically and emotionally draining journey, but it had paid off with personal and poignant experiences and a strong sense of self-satisfaction

The first rule of National Service is you (dis)obey and serve

We are constantly in a pursuit of things in life. Better grades, acknowledgments, promotions, paper certification and I think it's important to know that with anything, these things fade in time. Therefore, a mental note I always make to myself is to remember to pick a choice that makes me happy ­– of course. There's no fixed recipes or solutions to happiness or a life's guarantee but picking something close to that is worthwhile. It is also okay to look back and feel lost, because if you were to look at the bigger picture, we are all moving along to the same destination ­– death. – Jacintha Yap
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