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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Food Worthy of Celebration

Miss Molly's: A melting pot of Duxton Hill and beyond

At the foot of Duxton Hill lies a bistro cum cafe that promises you the world in rainbow cakes, fusion food, beer and milkshakes.

Food Worthy of Celebration

Desiree Soh

Featuring Grin Affair

3 Everton Park #01-77A, Singapore 080003



Photo credits to Wenhui 


FEW INDIVIDUALS FOLLOW their hearts instead of their heads, delving into what their passion calls for but Jody Ang, a self-taught baker with an interest in D.I.Y. projects, is one of them.



Freshly graduated from Saint Andrew’s Junior College and with the support from her family, Jody put her tertiary studies on hold and started Grin Affair early last year. Business was a success from the start, and desserts often sell out before the day's end.

What started out as a handicraft website touting handmade paraphernalia materialized into a brick-and-mortar space that houses all things deemed worthy of celebration. As desserts were eventually introduced in the store, Jody decided to stick with the name 'Grin Affair'.

Photo credits to Wenhui 

We use fresh, natural ingredients with no preservatives, colouring, enhancers or any essences. We bring only food worthy of celebration. We respect the environment as much as the people involved.

Quirky quotes such as “we’re usually early, sometimes on time, and hardly late…” are among the tongue-in-cheek handmade signs splashed about the small but light-filled space. Due to the shop's spacial limitations, Grin Affair focuses on takeaways, which might be easily deduced from the limited seats available. Aware that a takeaway business will accumulate extra waste from food packaging, Jody decided on a more eco-friendly alternative—glass jars with twine handles, ones that are pretty enough to be reused for a variety of purposes.

Photo credits to Wenhui 


Photo credits to Sheena (previously


The unassuming and simplistic interior of the place is reflective of Jody's dessert philosophy.

“I wouldn't mind an orchestra taking place on my palate but I prefer using a few key ingredients in each jar to produce a satisfyingly simple dessert”, Jody affirms.

The separate layers of mousse, cake, cookie base, nuts or fresh fruits, are lovely on their own. Eaten in one spoonful, the multitude of contrasting flavours and textures complement each other surprisingly well. Some flavours are available daily while others are available dependent on the season. Some flavours include Lychee Passion, the sweetness and tartness of the passion fruit puree complements the mild saltiness of the sea salt pistachio perfectly, as well as the familiar combination of green tea and red bean in Matcha Azuki. 


Grin Affair is fuelled by good-natured passion and spontaneity. Each visit promises a refreshingly different experience as the folks behind Grin Affair are frequently inspired to change the interior design of the shop.

Despite the subtle changes in interior, the shop never fails to greet with the same light-hearted and homely vibe.

The warm reception of Grin Affair's desserts has sprouted a mimicry of jar-cakes in other establishments. While she maintains brightly that “good ideas are worth spreading”, Jody is admittedly upset about the lack of creativity in Singapore when encountering similar products and brands.

“That said, we’ll just focus on managing Grin Affair well and maintain the quality of our desserts” she affirms, with a grin.


Don't expect a typical professional cafe or business because we don't operate as one, and you'll be disappointed if you're looking forward to the conventional—but in our opinion, impersonal—service.

Maron (Chestnut)


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