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Where Coffee and Food Meets Good Company

Miss Molly's: A melting pot of Duxton Hill and beyond

At the foot of Duxton Hill lies a bistro cum cafe that promises you the world in rainbow cakes, fusion food, beer and milkshakes.

Where Coffee and Food Meets Good Company

Dewey Sim

Featuring November8 Coffee & Company

11 Sin Ming Road #01-30, Thomson V Two
Singapore 575629


Photo Credits To Espressonites

SEPTEMBER. OCTOBER. NOVEMBER8. Nope, I am not counting down to Christmas. Sandwiched between the polarities of commercialisation and residence is November8 Coffee & Company, comfortably tucked in a well-hidden spot in Thomson V Two. With its highly elaborated and intricate decorations, it would be hard to miss this little coffee house as you stroll along the streets of Thomson. 


IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. Unraveling the thoughts behind the entire set up of the cosy corner in Thomson V Two, the owners of November8 explained that despite the laundry list of coffee makers sprouting in the community, the swarming crowds in the cafes defeats the purpose of a cafe in its entirety. 

A cafe, in his words, should aim to provide a well-connected space for people to relax and chill over well-roasted coffee and food on a daily basis. And that is what November8 offers. It is where good coffee and food meets good company. 


SURVIVOR OF THE FITTEST. Housed with coffee makers and strong competitors in its field, it is no wonder November8 brews a rich mix of good coffee, making its bold statement in the coffee arena. Friendly rivalry aside, the coffee house churns its own unique creations of food and drinks, branding itself as another outlet of warmth and relaxation in the little Thomson district.


Hazelnut Latte
Photo Credits To LoveTheKisses

Sweet Potato Fries
Photo Credits To LoveTheKisses

Photo Credits To LoveTheKisses


THE UNCONVENTIONAL MENU. Sweeping positive reviews from its patrons and warmth seekers, its unconventional "November8" coffee is a perfect concoction of carefully-selected locally-roasted beans, lurking behind a bold and robust flavour even at the very first sip. It also serves a generous spread of all-day breakfasts, pizzas and main courses, appealing to the hunger pangs of people of all ages, from all walks of life.


Photo Credits To Espressionites


MORE THAN JUST A COFFEE HOUSE. Besides aiming to provide an unconventional menu of savouries, the service-oriented cafe also seeks to provide a refreshing environment for its guests to dine in. Its waterfall feature and greenery surrounding helms its intricate interior, simulating the rawness of nature and its vastness, allowing people to seek solace as time slowly passes them by. 


TAKE A WALK IN THE PARK. They say it's always nice to put aside worldly woes, take a walk in the park, fly a kite, and maybe pick a good book off the shelves to read. Maybe some Julian Barnes, maybe some Sylvia Plath, you take your pick. 

Photo Credits To LoveTheKisses


But now, with November8 Coffee & Company right smack in the middle of the Thomson district, it would no longer be difficult to let your troubles go, to find a spot and indulge in the menu of comfort food and freshly brewed coffee. Because now you know there's November8, and now you know there's a place where coffee and food meets good company.

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