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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Chasing The Creative Dream

Miss Molly's: A melting pot of Duxton Hill and beyond

At the foot of Duxton Hill lies a bistro cum cafe that promises you the world in rainbow cakes, fusion food, beer and milkshakes.

Chasing The Creative Dream

Dewey Sim

Featuring The Little Dröm Store

1 Zubir Said Drive #02-01, Singapore 227968


"DRÖM" MEANS DREAM in Swedish. Housing countless dream clouds and a collection of inspiring and heartening knick knacks, The Little Dröm Store hopes to remind people of their creative dreams and encourage them to pursue it with courage.

Initiated by the desire to shake things up in the local creative landscape, the art and design-driven retail store aspires to bring people from all creative walks of life together, to promote and share the works of artists with the rest of the world.


The store celebrates honest, tasteful and well-designed designs and products that bring about big smiles to their customers. Being a locally-rooted machine of handicraft and art pieces, The Little Dröm Store tells us that the essence and subject of their products lies close to their hearts.

When asked about their inspirations, they talk about how they never run out of ideas as designers because they would bookmark and dog-ear websites and magazines of things they like or find inspiring. All while looking up to notable designers and artists like Marimekko and Tove Jansson.


Besides its countless creations of little things, knick knacks and toys that bring joy to the people, The Little Dröm Store also engages in exhibitions and collaborations with talented individuals in Singapore in the hope of strengthening the creative community in the local sphere.

Donna Wilson x The Little Dröm Store Collaboration

Moomin x The Little Dröm Store Collaboration

Moomin x The Little Dröm Store Collaboration

"We want to give them the platform to showcase their work in a casual and natural environment," The Little Dröm Store explains. They wish to share inspiring stories and exhibits of creative individuals who are quietly dwelling within our little sunny island. 

We want to give them the platform to showcase their work in a casual and natural environment

Ingela x The Little Dröm Store Collaboration


Moving forward, The Little Dröm Store would be embarking on a series of new initiatives including "Dröm Class", which will see local and international creatives hosting workshops in their respective fields. Also, the store plans to invite various individuals to engage in a bi-monthly pop-up at its store as part of its "Dröm Pop" initiative.


Talking about the local arts scene, the team behind The Little Dröm Store feels heartened and encouraged at how tightly-knitted the community is, and how individuals have grown to be more courageous in following their creative dreams. That said, they also expressed that there are challenges that creatives are facing today. The toughest challenge, in their own words, is that people are not receptive towards local talent, and have a common misconception about local designers and their value and worth. A shared effort is needed to create a market for local creatives to thrive in.

For the young and rising talents in the arts landscape, The Little Dröm Store shares that we - in general - often spend too much time worrying, doubting, and living in fear. We often ask ourselves "What if it doesn't work?", instead of "What if it works?"

It takes the same amount of energy doubting and believing, so believe, and get things done.

It'll really be awesome if every creative individual would step out in faith and not be bounded by fear. It'll be awesome if Singapore one day can have our very own local creatives appreciated and celebrated by local audiences.

Now located at School of The Arts (SOTA) at 1 Zubir Said Drive and ready to spark off new adventures, visit The Little Dröm Store today to get your fair share of heartening knick knacks and a fresh breath of inspiration.

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