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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

That F Girl


That F Girl

Donovan Quek

Featuring Andrea Chong


CLEAN AND STRUCTURED — those were the two words Andrea used to describe her personal style. She derives her style inspirations from numerous sources: from magazines such as Vivi Japan, Company Magazine and Glamour UK, celebrities Olivia Palermo, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba to fashion bloggers like Natalie Suarez, Nicole Warne, Annabel Ly and Jennifer Grace. Despite her style star status, Andrea confesses that she is most of the time seen dressed really casually (think casual girly dresses and the tank top-denim shorts combo).



In case you are wondering whether or not you have to break the bank to dress like Andrea, fear not, she is not one of those wealth-flaunting brand junkies you see on Instagram. Andrea believes that fashion is accessible to everyone, so long as you know where to shop and how to dress, being fashionable is neither difficult nor expensive.

Her webshow with Jemimah Wei, That F Word on hopes to convey that exact message.



Despite of the success stories of fashion bloggers all over the world i.e. invitation to fashion shows, Bryanboy hired as social media correspondent on America’s Next Top Model, The Blond Salad’s collaboration with Superga etc., Andrea doesn’t have any particular goals she would like to achieve from her blogging venture. Blogging was merely a way for her to share her personal sense of style and she did not start blogging for the sake of receiving something in return. She is however extremely grateful for all the amazing opportunities blogging has provided her with.


On top of her hosting gig, Andrea is also the proud owner of, a blog targeted at social media savy young women who are interested in fashion, travel and food. Through her blog, Andrea details her outfit choices, provides her readers with places to shop and eat as well as sharing her make-up regime and choice of products. She sometimes even shares where her photos are taken just in case you need help with searching for your next location to take your #OOTD #WIWT shots.


I don’t have a particular goal I’d like to achieve, because first and foremost, blogging was a way for me to share my personal sense of style, I did not start blogging for the purpose of “achieving” something.

Looking into the future, Andrea hopes to deliver better quality photos for her readers and 25 000 strong Instagram army and at the same time be more adventurous with her style choices. She also hopes to get the opportunity to work with more commercial high street labels.


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