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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Dreaming a Collection


Dreaming a Collection

Priscilla Eng


“Be a rebel, dress well” - that is the motto of Basis's founders, Cliff and Dianne. Let it be known that Basis is more than just bags. It is a lifestyle brand.

Born during a trip to California, Basis was conceived through the struggle of being unable to find good quality, yet reasonably priced bags, for men in Singapore. Hand-made and of genuine leather, Basis bags attempt to add that final finesse to an outfit without any contempt for the rest of a sartorial gentleman's outfit. 

They are versatile, enabling men to go from work to play, and vice versa of course. 

Basis' Noah bag


Rejecting the culture of mass production (undeniably with questionable ethical implications), Basis instead employs skilled artisans in the highlands of Nepal to craft their products. The result - style, without a heavy conscience.

These craftsmen produce carryalls, satchels, messenger bags, and other small leather goods - all of which feature refined, English names, evocative of the dandy spirit Basis attempts to capture.

“G-Dragon from Big Bang”, and of course, some of Cliff’s personal style rubs off on their designs


Who are their style and/or design influences, you might ask? Dianne says, “G-Dragon from Big Bang”, and of course, some of Cliff’s personal style rubs off on their designs.

Looking at the tartan-esque colors of their current collection, I couldn't help but think of pajamas, something which Dianne shares with me is close to the current collection's inspiration. “We were inspired by sleep; everything is muted and subdued in this line-up”. Yet, their upcoming collection is going to be much different, "entirely different", she reveals, and is inspired by one of our national pastimes.

Food, or eating, came to my mind upon hearing about that, but I'd only be proven right or wrong when that collection is released this October.

Basis' current collection is available on its online store.



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