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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

This Is Relative


This Is Relative

Priscilla Eng

Featuring This is Relative


HEADING THIS BRAND are two cousins, Charlyn Lim and Melissa Gan, both in their early twenties, who grew tired of seeing stuff they loved online being sold for at exorbitant prices. They decided to tackle this head on and created This Is Relative, where they bring in clothes that are distinctively different from that of other local blogshops.


While studying in Melbourne, Charlyn noticed the variety of styles present in the local dress sense; Melbournians checked every fashion look from minimal to baroque. It was this rich and diverse inspiration that influenced her dressing and the aesthetics of clothes she sources This Is Relative. Melissa's entry into the fashion foray couldn't have been any more different, it was the strong entrepreneurial culture and her studies in marketing & corporate communications theories she learnt in the SMU that spurred her on to jump on board with her cousin in establishing the label.

Forward, raw and minimal. It may not be for everyone. but that's just the way we want to keep it.

This Is Relative has just turned 1, but being young doesn’t mean they are reckless! They do their research, evaluating products that are selling well, in terms of colors, styles, sizes etc. before deciding what else to bring in. It is all very methodical, seemingly far from the dreamy illusion that the fashion industry often loves to exude. But they still try to maintain the direction and style This Is Relative embodies, which is that of simple and clean lines and the occasional pops of color.


[the future]... a more monochrome and neutral palette

They are both inspired by the likes of Elin Kling, Lulu Chang, love-aesthetics, and manrepeller, just to name a few. They follow a simple philosophy; everything they offer is easy to wear, of a good quality, and perhaps most importantly, not just another trend to [blindly] follow. They clothes they sell are extremely versatile, making mixing and matching almost de rigueur; inspiring and fresh looks are almost guaranteed.



Asked about their future collections, Charlyn and Melissa reveal that they might sway towards a “more monochrome and neutral palette”, but it won't deviate too far from what they currently offer.

While I lack the ability to soothsay, in browsing through their collections, past and present, one thing is clear: their vision for the future. “Forward, raw and minimal”, their website boldly proclaims; I cannot wait to see their future installments.


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