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Vanessa Lim

Featuring Melody Tan

#meowiieneverstops, because the world is her playground. 

MELODY, OR MORE widely known as meowiie, is the brainchild behind the fashion and lifestyle blog Her charm lies within her spunky attitude and sincere approach taken on each blog entry. The blog has accompanied her through 7 years of growth, and in recent years, travel has become a huge part of it. This has definitely added lots of exciting vibrancy to her documentations. Her blog and Instagram feed archives her passion for fashion, photography and travel which are seamlessly incorporated together. Melody’s drives of spontaneity paired with a spirit for adventure keeps her on the move. 

meowiie in Hong Kong

meowiie in Copenhagen

meowiie in London

Funnily enough, Melody completely admits to her compulsive tendencies when it comes to travel. She started opening up to the wanderlust of travel only in recent years. She recalls booking tickets to New York without any idea on how she’s going to survive the trip all by herself. She found herself plunged into an entirely foreign environment, clueless and helpless. Yet the experience did not deter her from braving more trips abroad.  

But then again, I never felt more comfortable traveling by myself.

Traveling solo has urged her to become a stronger and better version of herself. Moreover, the thrill to traveling is to be able to be exposed to unexpected events. It is a challenge she is more than willing to experience. 

Every day you feel like you come back stronger. You know, like oh my god, I just survived another day.

Melody never thought that traveling would become such a big part of her life. She expects to temporarily relocate to somewhere in the next year. Every journey she has taken has been an extremely fruitful and inspiring experience and she has never considered stopping.

meowiie in LACMA

meowiie in Bath

meowiie in Malaysia

Part of who I am today is shaped by the people I've met over the years while traveling.

Additionally, traveling has made her realize the importance of staying connected with people. Melody has seen herself meeting with likeminded people whom she used to only have known virtually. 

We actually instantly hit it off because we've already somehow knew what was going on with each other's lives.

Ironically, despite her strong desire for adventure, she stays very much attached to each city she has visited. For instance, she has already been to Bangkok thrice this year and is scheduled to return in a month’s time. Her love for Bangkok is real. However, she says that this attachment only makes it exceptionally invigorating upon visiting new cities. 

meowiie in Bangkok

meowiie in Bangkok

Melody is a real sweetheart, armed with lots of sass, a fancy wardrobe and great desire for adventure, ready to take on what the world has to offer. Do check out her blog and Instagram feed for more updates of her adventures. 

meowiie in Humen

meowiie in Humen

meowiie in Humen

When you're traveling it always feels like an adventure. You're always living to the fullest. It is very difficult to live to your fullest if you're stuck at a place.  

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