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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Supermama is Back


The C.H.O.P.P.A Experimental Music Festival ran from 22nd to 24th January at the LASALLE College of the Arts, featuring prominent musicians like Toshimaru Nakamura, Gerry Hemingway, Anla Courtis, Xu Fengxia and members from homegrown experimental and electronica band The Observatory. 

Supermama is Back

Deborah Loh

Supermama Store Launch

Over at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) on the evening of 24th October, a little space comes alive, buzzing with hushed excitement. The Supermama retail store has relocated from 8Q and is now housed at the main museum along Bras Basah Road.

Following a recent rebranding exercise, Supermama launched its new store together with a new addition to the Singapore Icons Series - fridge magnets. The graphics from these pieces were derived from the One Singapore porcelain plate that is up for sale at their store as well.

The tableware collection, which won the President's Design Award last year, is a favourite among locals as well as Japanese people living in Singapore. Besides working with local designers and illustrators to produce the porcelain cups and plates, Supermama has also collaborated with a handful of local agencies to produce glassware. They are looking to explore metal pieces next. 

When asked about the motivation behind the Singaporean Icons Series, Edwin the founder shares that the desire to promote local culture was the initial spark. He feels that by translating bits and pieces of our local identity into objects that people can hold in their hands, it gives them longevity and makes good souvenirs for those who want to bring home an authentic piece of Singapore. For this reason, Supermama works with craftsmen from Japan to ensure that products are made of materials of the highest quality and workmanship.

Japanese products are made to last. Take the porcelain pieces for example, the ink is etched into the pieces. There is a secondary glaze so that the graphics will last as long as the porcelain lasts.

Tabi socks depicting childhood snacks

As more people stream into the store, a small crowd starts to form around a table filled with colourful socks. On closer look, the patterns are reminiscent of the tuckshop snacks most of us recognise from our childhood days. Edwin shares that they intend to launch these Tabi socks during the Singapore Art Book Fair in November.


Besides the products curated by Supermama, knick knacks and books from shops like the Little Dröm Store and BooksActually can also be found at the store.




Come November, Supermama will be putting up a mobile gallery at Millenia Walk that will run for five months, and another exhibition-style retail shop at Scotts Square from December to January entitled Artefacts by Supermama.

Artefacts are basically objects that are designed to reflect a particular culture. They are fashionable, contemporary but also reflect our lifestyle - what we eat, what we see and what we grow up with.

Edwin, the founder of Supermama

"Next year will be exciting," Edwin gives us a teaser of what's to come while still keeping us in suspense.

"I'm embarking on a project that will pool together 50 designers. I've been wanting to build a base of Singaporean designers." He hopes that one day he can create one space where to showcase all the best designs Singapore has to offer. That place will be Supermama.


Drop by at the Supermama retail store at SAM or head to their online shop to get your hands on some of these curated pieces, and follow their Facebook page to receive regular updates on their happenings. 

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