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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.



Faith Goh

Featuring Jaime Wong

Her very first single, "Skin", is about the seeking of The Person and giving up a fragment of yourself to that Person. And therein lies an important question: How does one get it back when it’s all over?

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A Conversation of Concept

Chloë Long

Featuring Chris Jones of These Brittle Bones

With his soon to be released double EP 'Hiraeth' in mind, Chris contemplates the essence and process that led him to produce his deeply intimate and intricate piece of work. 

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Amidst and Beyond

Chloë Long

Featuring Mark John Hariman

As a session guitarist, music educator, and producer, Mark is a mainstay in the local music industry, working with local musicians within our shores and beyond.

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Striding by

Vanessa Lim

Featuring Weish

A staple in the local indie music scene, Weish talks about what has been keeping her and her personal sound going despite the stretching of her sanity and energy across her day job and multiple music projects. 

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Aural Ecstasy

Syafiq Rafid

Featuring The Sets Band

Four boys chasing the figurative musical dragon to get the next best high. Ranging from blues to reggae to alternative and even rap, its hard to pin down their exact sound. Every song they have is a set by itself, presenting The Sets Band.

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No Bullshit

Dan Chan

Featuring The Caulfield Cult

A band that espouses the conventional methods of gaining recognition in the music industry, The Caulfield Cult shares about their experiences in DIY touring, their struggles in Europe, and getting by, all while constantly exploring what they deem as being either “Really Soft Punk”, or “Really Loud Indie”

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Dan Chan

Featuring Wyd:Syd

Started as a casual project between friends, the members of wyd:syd use their music to showcase their emotions and inspirations. The result is a musical medley of ambient, indie and rock sounds that convulse together to form atmospheric pieces.

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