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Dan Chan

Featuring wyd:syd 


“ATMOSPHERIC”. THAT IS a recurring theme that comes to mind when listening to tracks by the musical getup consisting of Eugene, Marcus, Jared, Aaron, and Ridhwan, also known as wyd:syd (pronounced “wide side”).


Formed in early 2012, wyd:syd aims to use music as a creative outlet to showcase their emotions and inspirations. With each member having solitary musical influences, it gives birth to an extremely vast and dense sound. With their smooth vocals, hard-hitting rhythmic drumming, thumping bass riffs and emotionally driven guitar riffs, you can be assured that listening to wyd:syd can leave you with somewhat of a heartache. 

The band lets listeners experience their emotions through their “Trippy” and “Layered” brand of ambient music. Their influences range from bands such as The Ocean Blue, Ringo Deathstarr, and Sigur Ros, to other acts such as Phoenix, The Temper Trap and Foals. Their four-track EP named “Oval East” discusses the tribulations of everyday life.  

“Foolish Hunger” explores the concept of striving for something that might seem trivial or silly to observers. With a “cliché” example, Marcus explains, “It’s like liking someone, but everyone saying that it’s not going to work out, but a fire burning inside you tells you to go for it no matter what.”

“Circles”, the closing track of the EP talks about life being confined by habits and unspoken protocols, about being trapped in the symmetrical cycle of life. There are times however, whereby due to passion and desire, there would be a sudden urge to break out of the circle. “You can have love, and you can have hate coming in from every direction, but most importantly you have to do what you want to,” explains Marcus.  


Having an unhealthy obsession with round shapes, the band named their EP “Oval East”, which is basically a common ground between all four songs. “An oval isn’t as systematic or symmetrical as a circle, and there’s just something romantic about going around in circles”.

The band is currently in the process of recording their next EP, which will hopefully be finished by April 2014. With such humble and passionate hearts, it’s exciting to see what wyd:syd has in store for us in the near future. 

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