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Musical Loyalty


Musical Loyalty

Syafiq Rafid


AS VAGUE AS the genre seems, alternative rock outfit Patriot has made it their own. The band’s wild riffs and intense vocals laid out on a rock solid bass and drum line meld together to create their blistering sound. Their song, Hold The Sky, is a testament to the heat that makes their music live and breathe.

Surprisingly, the band draws from a wide range of musical influences. Some of them include, Rage Against the Machine, ACDC, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins and even vocal talents like Chris Cornell and Myles Kennedy in terms of style.


Starting out as a cover band for a teacher’s day concert in 2010, Patriot grew. Originally wanting to write and play music about society and its problems (hence the name ‘Patriot’), the band members grew to realize that music is more than just singing about something. “We transformed, from a band that wanted to change society, or at least reflect society to something that meant more.” They began writing originals in 2011 but only found their feet in 2012.

Now Fadhly Johari (vocals), Benjamin Gwee (lead), Jonathan Tan (sessionist), Amelene Isabel (Bass) and Ghafar Mohamad (drums) have a new vision that allows them to make music that resonates with the common man, while remaining true to themselves. “Its not about changing society, but about the journey that we were on. We want to show how we are all part of the same journey, that music isn’t just about sending a message, but about enjoying yourself. It’s about being free.

A band that wanted to change society... [and] more

I could tell that for Patriot, their name is more than just a word you can remember them by, so I asked them what it meant to them. “It felt like we picked a name out of a hat, being young as we were when we first chose it, but we grew to learn what it meant to us, and how we were to give it meaning”. They explained that they were patriots to music, trying their best to be true to the essence of what it meant to make music. “All we want to be is true to the music we make, and the fans of that music."

[Music is] about enjoying yourself. It’s about being free

In March 2013, with the help of Edric Hwang From Cirde Studios, they released the song ‘Hold The Sky’ as an affirmation of their journey they have started. “It was hard for us when we first stared out. We were in a bubble, away from the local music scene, only in the jamming room. But we got out and we learned and we want to be more than people expect”.

Patriot is currently working on an album that is due to be out in the next few months. In the meantime you can get their gig updates by following them on Facebook, on Twitter, and even Spotify.

Give them a listen; try a band that's loyal only to music. 

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