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Hardcore Heroes


Hardcore Heroes

Dan Chan

WITH MEMBERS RANGING from bands such as A Thousand, Fall of Mira, and Exhibitors, they should might as well be known as the “Avengers” of our local Hardcore music scene. False Plaintiff is dedicated to eradicate audiences’ false perception on Melodic-Hardcore music.


Since writing their own music, the band has gained recognition through performing at local venues such as Homeclub and Substation. They were featured on a compilation CD named “Summer Sampler Vol.2” by “Nowhere Youth Records”, an Independent music and fashion label from the United Kingdom.

False Plaintiff’s rare brand of music has given them the reputation of being one of the pioneers of the Melodic-Hardcore genre in the local music scene.





“I’d like to view these songs as forms of expressions instead of having significant meanings behind them.” - Brandon Tanoto.



A German music website described his singing as “a little annoying” in the track Misadventures. The band’s Bassist Jonathan Vincent claimed that he hated the track, and refused to play it during live shows. The track is however, beautifully written, with intricate guitar riffs and smooth drum strokes. 


With the entire album being recorded in the span of three months, it might have given opportunity for musical inadequacy.


Perhaps the unintentional imperfection contributes to the beauty of their music, besides “Not Everything Has to Be Perfect” - they never want to be anyway. 



Formed in early 2012, a group of friends decided to leave their relatively established bands to start False Plaintiff, a Melodic-Hardcore quintet who describes themselves as “five lads from Singapore who play the same old sad songs that probably wouldn't change a thing”. The band started out as a side project, playing covers of songs by More Than Life, but decided to start taking the band seriously after their demo release “Enclasping The Cold Light Of Day”.



False Plaintiff has finally released their 7-track EP “Well Then, I Guess It’s Time To Move On”. It’s amazing to observe the evolution of the band take place before your eyes, having had melodies reminiscent of Minor Threat in their previous demo; their newer tracks include major influences from Touché Amore and La Dispute. Consisting of lighter melodies, with heavier vocals.


Brandon’s emotional vocals complemented by Nick’s melancholic guitar riffs will definitely thug at the heartstrings of listeners. “Well Then, I Guess It’s Time To Move On” comprises seven tracks, which discusses religion, family, and incertitude.


A punchy guitar riff sets the atmosphere for the track, before Brandon’s rough vocals kick in. The Journalist is an expression of a few of the struggles Brandon had to deal with during his time working as a news journalist (hence the title), having to weigh the expectations of others with reality. His screeching vocals has a unique quality, bringing out emotions such as anger and desolation through lines such as “Not everything has to be perfect, I don’t ever want to be perfect.” 

The last track of the EP, Cliffhanger, takes you on an emotional pilgrimage. A soft guitar riff starts the tune off while Brandon reads a poem illustrating qualms he had towards his father, leading up to an outburst of excruciating vocals, sounding extremely similar to Jordan Dreyer of La Dispute. The lyrics I never blamed you and I never would, but I’d go back in time, if only I could” shows the emotions Brandon felt toward his father. “It’s like a wish for a second shot to sort things out with him like mature adults, not over what he has done but rather, what he didn’t do”

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