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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

A Naturally Surreal Experience


A Naturally Surreal Experience

Syafiq Rafid

Featuring Heizenberg


A FAIRLY NEW ENTRANT in the local electronic scene, Heizenberg formed in early 2013, to turn heads with their surreal yet still melodic brand of music. The duo, namely Syairazi and Nick, started producing their own music simply because it was natural to them. “We’re music lovers & music creators and it's the most natural way for us to be - to consume & create music that we love.” Having started writing music in their teens, they began honing their craft before coming together to form this new sound. “We write electronic music, and it smells like roses burning in winter.”


With such ethereal movement in their music, it was not surprising to find that the inspirations at the heart of their work come not from other musicians or music that has come before. They instead draw stimuli from literary greats such as, Neil Gaiman, Samuel Beckett and Akira Kurosawa. All of who produce deeply significant work that deal with concepts such as time, existence of meaning and mortality within a space that straddles the real and the fantastic.  The electronic fluidity of Heizenberg is able to capture these sentiments and relate them to us through their chosen medium, music, fittingly.


For the duo, writing music has been with them since the very beginning. However, instead of having a clear message in their work, they mean for the listener to understand a little about himself or herself. Just as we often looking for meaning in the world, their music aims to look for something that is deeper within ourselves. “We feel that it's best experienced if you can accept that you are in this world, but not of this world.” As for themselves, they write their music partly because they cannot stand not to, it is their way of existing. “We make music because we don't have a choice. It is something we have done, and will keep doing even if it never leaves our bedrooms.”


Heizenberg is part of a new breed of local artists who aim to exalt the value of music in the hearts of their listeners. “Music, as an experience, is losing value and we want to bring that back.” For them it isn’t how you look or how you talk. Evident from their minimalist leanings, Heizenberg aims to create an experience that removes themselves as individuals and only leave the music, for all to enjoy.


For them music is the best manner in which to exist, “Surrounding ourselves with music is the most natural way we can be, regardless of whether it involves listening, creating, or just thinking about music.”

They have an upcoming show at the Lomography Blue Hour Sessions at Home Club on the 17th of January 2014 and are also releasing an album February 2014. 

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