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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Sitting Still


Sitting Still

Dan Chan

Featuring Weish 


A PETITE GIRL who carries an extraordinary personality. Weish describes her music as chill, introspective, and personal, but does not want to be seen as an “emotional wreck”. Using a peculiar musical technique, “Vocal Looping”,  which allows her to loop vocal tunes live, and armed with a ukulele and a looper pedal, the result is the impressive visual of a miniscule girl sounding as if she were a booming orchestra. On top of that, the uniquely soothing quality of her voice is a trait that many will fall in love with.

Having played at venues such as The Pigeonhole, The Esplanade and Topshop at Knights Bridge, Weish has gained much popularity since early 2012. She also had the opportunity to be the opening act for one of her favourite artists, Tegan and Sara, who played at the Esplanade Concert Hall on the 13th of May.


Weish draws her inspiration from unorthodox literature, most of which see authors express their feelings towards modern restlessness and displacement. This could be considered as the running theme throughout all of her songs. Her influences range from Radiohead to Omar Rodriguez Lopez, and surprisingly, Mars Volta. Putting it altogether, listening to her music gives you a great (musical) high.

“Sitting still”, and “Rushing on by” discusses the feelings of being stuck and vulnerable, and having feelings of unproductivity seep in, with the world moving too quickly. These subtle messages are often obscured by their quirky exterior. “You get to say what you’re feeling but sort of be distanced from it,” is how she describes her song-writing process.


“Tick Tick”, one of her newer tracks, discusses the wait for something to happen - waiting for  validation, for something fresh, for some excitement. But when the “thing” finally arrives, it turns out to be a big, anti-climatic disappointment, and you stop knowing what you were waiting for, finding yourself content to wait for sleep to close the day, or to wait for a specific dream that you crave, to take you to a different place.

Weish is currently in the planning process of recording an EP. Until then, we can look forward to her future performances, one at the up and coming F1 Rocks.

“Listen to my music late at night with nobody around” Weish says in an extremely unconvincing, and half-joking manner. 

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