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Raw Passion


Raw Passion

Dan Chan

Featuring 7nightsatsea


 RANGING FROM DIVERSE backgrounds and musical influences, Keith, Malek, Zahid, and Farhan came together in early 2012 to form a creative musical outlet named 7nightsatsea. Their peculiar brand of music has drawn listeners, lured by their heart-wrenching and poignant tunes. 

7nightsatsea started off as an experiment. With Zahid coming from a Death Core band, Keith and Farhan both from Hardcore bands before, Drummer Zahid explains that they are "trying to make music without screaming vocals". Peculiar how three guys who were originally from Hardcore bands would think of coming together to play Post-Rock!


Having Homeclub to thank for giving the band their first stepping-stone, the boys have progressed through the months to give absolutely passionate live performances. Their shows were so impressive that the band was handpicked out of a large pool of local bands to be given the opportunity to play for Baybeats 2013.

Taking influences from bands such as Caspian, Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, And So I Watch You from Afar, 7nightsatsea has incorporated ambient guitar riffs to hard-hitting drumbeats in their tracks, with a tinge of Hardcore influence following over from their past projects. 


Trailing Ghosts is a grand number and bassist Malek describes the meaning behind the song by painting a scene.

The song is a crowd-pleaser and also one of the first few songs they had written as a band. It was originally three separate songs, mashed together to create an amazing ballad. 

“Imagine being alone on a boat on the sea, the only thing you have are your memories, and everywhere you travel you are leaving ghosts of your past.”


Even after Baybeats, 7nightsatsea are still on “Gear Five” mode according to guitarist Keith. The band is currently in the works of creating more merchandise, and recording their long awaited EP. Hopefully, having more songs available online in the near future. 

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