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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Addiction Affliction


Addiction Affliction

Edmund Wang

Featuring Take Two


PERCHED COMFORTABLY WITHIN the lounge of their humble abode, the waggish boys of Take Two tell us about their musical eccentricity, the coincidence of their humble beginnings and their dreams for the future. Blessed with a bag of inexhaustible wit and a fountain of melodic distinctiveness, Take Two's sound (and not to mention boys) will surely be welcomed by Singapore's music landscape with open arms.



Tell us the story of Take Two.

We're basically the illegitimate lovechild of Kent Ridge and Eusoff Hall over at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Born of a frustration that eventually came from repeatedly covering Top-40 hits (and trash-talking the deservedness of some of 'em) for a good six months, we decided that the time has come for us to produce original songs. Ironically enough, the backbone of our first single, Plantations was conceived within the confines of the McDonalds at the airport - I believe a Top-40 'hit' was playing overhead, apart from the noise of a crowd.

Needless to say, we had to escape the opiating white noise that accompanies fast-food restaurants; we sought a more intimate setting. We headed off to the best place we could imagine - a plantation in Malaysia!

We took a week-long road trip and found ourselves living within the plantations, in a house at the top of the hills. It was all terrifically gratifying, not only did we become closer as friends, we believed it brought us in sync, musically speaking. During our short escapade, we managed to pen Addiction Affliction and Plantations among our utopia of neatly seeded trees.

We're basically the illegitimate lovechild of Kent Ridge and Eusoff Hall

How did we come up with our band name?

Our band name was coined by our ex-vocalist, Abriel. We were all from T house (one of NUS FASS's orientation houses), and we wanted to debut as "the T house band", hence we all decided to come up with a band name starting with "T". After hours of pondering, Abriel had a headache so he went to take some Panadol, and on the box it wrote "Take two". Also, the name Take Two allow for a plethora of cheesy puns. 


Any quirky habits of each band member?

Oh how we love this question. Let's begin!

Yin Wei (vocalist) - He tends to overemphasize the need to shield his head from sunlight. Put simply, you will hardly find him out without a cap.

Jeryl (drummer) - A bottomless black abyss exists in the place where his stomach should be; he has an insatiable appetite for food.

Jonathan (guitarist) - Nothing especially quirky about this guy. He's [near] perfect. Ridiculously good-looking, un-douchey, and extremely talented as well. Did we mention that he's ridiculously good-looking? (Yin Wei: "John has told me before that the reason he does not have six-pack abs is because the world wouldn't be able to handle the perfection.")

Peng Sing (guitarist) - Possesses a beautiful mind, one that is capable of replaying a problem until it is solved, is solved, is solved. And is solved. Did we mention that it's solved?

David (bassist) - A guy so smooth that when he puts his clothes on, they slip right back off.



Tell us about Take Two's major influences. 

Last Dinosaurs, Jamiroquai, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, The Wombats. The thing about the band is that we're all pretty different when it comes to our preferred choice of music. Vocalist Yinwei digs The Beatles and The Strokes, David - the Funk, Jon - the Hard Rock, Peng Sing - the Jazz.

We'd like to think that we're a bad combination that makes good music. 

Tell us what's up for you going forward. 

We've recently released our new single with the talented Leonard Soosay, and I daresay we can't wait to continue producing music to call our own. With that said, we hope that, despite currently being students, our presence will be felt internationally. We want to put the little red dot on the metaphorical music map, and we'd be starting by playing at the Chang Mai International Music Festival later this year.

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