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Dan Chan

Featuring Samantha Rui


IT'S HARD TO believe that Samantha Rui has only been writing songs for a year. Being only 17 years of age, Sam has curated a large array of writing that speaks about lust, affection, and fantasy.

Being an artist at heart, Sam was desperate to find an outlet other than painting and doodling for when she was “emoting” (as she calls it). Doesn’t sound like much but it all started from humming melodies in the shower, which drove her to pick up the acoustic guitar at the budding age of 14. When inspiration for sketching and painting runs dry, she’d resort to writing poems.

“If I put a tune to my poems, maybe they’ll sound less cheesy.”

To Samantha, music lacks the technicality that art possesses, there’s no one format to writing, no right or wrong, which in turn makes it beautiful. Sam describes her writing as raw, and extremely honest. Her unique versatility in the song writing process has drawn audiences from across the island, so much so that it had given her opportunities to perform as venues such as the recent Noise Music Showcase, and the Singapore Night Festival along with big names such as “Pleasantry” and “Obedient Wives Club”.

If I put a tune to my poems, maybe they’ll sound less cheesy

Sam talks about funding playing a huge part in her musical venture, working for minimum wage at local ice-cream stores, and juggling studies, it’s respectable that she still manages to get her music out and heard. All of her songs, usually written hours after the actual incident are mostly about heartbreak, want, or being stuck.


When discussing influences, Sam gushes about artists such as “Fiest”, “Lucy Rose”, “Fauxe” and “Weish”.

Yet saying that she‘s really fond of their music but doesn’t have the ability to replicate it.


Even though music will always be secondary for Sam, it’s great to see her pursuing her passion for music and telling her stories in an intricate and subliminal manner to an audience who appreciates her work. Her talent has brought her to the point that she was even approached by music producers after shows offering to produce her songs.


“I was thinking about world domination when I started, but I don’t think it’s very feasible anymore.” Sam says jokingly.

From playing song covers on Youtube to having over 8000 plays on Soundcloud for her original song “Blue”, it proves to show that hardwork and dedication pays off. Sam shows that positivity can truly come out of being blue.


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