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Too Much Soul?


Too Much Soul?

Dan Chan

Featuring The Good Life Project


If you hear something funky, you can’t help but bob along, doesn’t matter if you’re 50 years old, or 5.”


SEATED AT A QUAINT LITTLE CAFÉ in Arab Street, Naz and Sano tell a story of a young Funk band aiming to burst into Singapore’s local music scene. 


In this day and age, there are many “indie”, “alternative” and “hardcore” acts emerging in the local scene. The Good Life Project (GLP) made their first public appearance at Baybeats 2013’s auditions. With Baybeats leaning towards the “alternative rock” genre, it was quite a surprise that a Funk band managed to get through to the second round of auditions. The seven-piece act blew the judges and audiences away, with their soulful tunes, and rhythms that get people twerking.

(GLP) consists of Pamela on vocals, Kim (also known as “kimchi”) on violin, Boey on drums, Naz on keys, Stasha on bass, Sano on guitars, and Louis (also known as DJ Intrigue) on turntables.

The band’s final lineup was confirmed in October 2012, however they had not even written a single song then, and only had two months until the Baybeats auditions. They were then pushed to quickly churn out some originals

soulful tunes, and rhythms that get people twerking

Prior to their appearance at the auditions, it not only spurred a series of disco-infused tracks, but also an array of shows. Esplanade had also invited them to play for their the annual Mosiac festival as they felt that the band’s style was more suited for Mosiac instead of Baybeats.

GLP’s influences range from classic favorites like James Brown, and Michael Jackson, to more modern acts, such as John Mayer and Snarky Puppy. Local bands were also the building blocks for GLP, bands like SIXX, and STONE REVIVALS were mentioned to have inspired GLP to write songs and play music.

“Some how we work better under pressure, if there’s no pressure everyone’s just fat and bored.” – Naz on song writing.


Centered on a pre-1880s carnival theme, three tracks, “Jackie Clown”, “Magic Dust”, “Tunnel of Love” were written to introduce the band with a story.

Jackie Clown is about a boy who frees people with music, also used as an audio representation of the band. The track starts off with an eerie string progression (you could probably find a similar track on Count Dracula’s ipod), before an immense build up to a choppy riff, leaving heads bobbing. A classical violin sound is then layered over, which is definitely the icing on the cake.

Not having a strict song writing process leaves the band space for creativity, improvement, and improvisation. GLP often does improvisations during live shows, making sure that every show is different.

“There is always positivity in negativity”
— Naz

Despite playing an uncommon genre and always “being broke”, having to always pay for recordings and studio sessions, GLP are happy and satisfied with how far they’ve come in less than two years.   


The band has plans to release an EP in mid 2014, and hopefully go on tour prior to that. They have major plans to make the world a better place and thus “The Good Life Project”.


“Age is just a number, we’re going to keep pushing no matter what, for the next generation till the next, fuck Steph Micayle, we’re going to do this.”

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