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A Temporary Fix


A Temporary Fix

Nur Shameera Rahmat


AT FIRST LISTEN, you’ll never guess that they’re local. Stopgap, which suggests “a temporary fix”, was supposed to be just a makeshift band name for their very first gig together. Well of course it has latched on with them since.


The quintet was first conceptualized due to mutual music interests ranging from The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Interpol. Comprising of frontman Adin Kindermann, guitarists Calvin Phua and Lee Yewjin, bassist Grayson Seah, and drummer Eldad Leong, Stopgap used to be a relatively covert band. It was their win under the music category for Noise Singapore 2013 that spurred this alternative indie rock ensemble to render their music further.

“Before joining Noise in 2013, we weren’t really on the local scene map. We were just playing whatever shows we could play. 2013 was a big game changer because we were exposed to a whole community of musicians and artists,” shares Adin.


Besides the $5,000 arts grant, the Noise Music Mentorship program allowed the band to get a better grasp of their vague ideas and goals. It also provided them with guidance to achieve it. Last year, the band scored two bigger shows - Baybeats and Ignite Music Festival.

For the boys, it has always been their corresponding fancies that tacked them together. From their obsession with burgers to LAN gaming (or shouting as Adin would refer it to).


 “We have a lot of love for each other, so when we write music, it’s like listening to your partner in a relationship and sometimes standing your ground with a balance of compromise,” describes Yewjin.

Though their music may seem positively euphonious on the surface, in reality, it recounts of issues such as completing every Singaporean man’s rite of passage, National Service and even a failed attempt at a long distance relationship.

“Lyrically the songs are based on situations faced or lessons learnt and the emotions that ride on them,” declares the frontman.

Stopgap performing Kryptonian Machine live at The Substation Event organized by Neoteric Entertainment 


While the youngest member of the band, Grayson, shared his desire to play overseas shows and get their music aired on Gold 90.5 FM, Adin wishes to bring their music to the Antarctic for the penguins and polar bears to enjoy.

Their debut 10-track LP is set to be released in July 2015.

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