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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Striding by


Striding by

Vanessa Lim


IT FEELS AS though Weish’s tirelessly mesmerizing loops are prophecies to her music career. The incredible amount of energy her tiny body possesses seems remarkably inexhaustible. 

Recently in March, she joined the artist collective, Dunce, in addition to her roles as a solo performer, one-half of electronic duo .gif, and part of alternative band sub:shaman. Weish was last presented at Y2K14 International LIVE LOOP ASIA Festival Singapore, which featured loop artists from all over the world. 

When asked about her most unforgettable show in the past year, she mentioned 100 Bands Festival. She recalls performing 3 separate sets with her 3 different identities. Comparatively, the experience of playing with 100 local bands in an abandoned bus interchange in Kovan stood out much more to her than any of her other bigger shows. The invaluable experience of working with the close knit community of performers who she has grown and matured with, stuck most closely to her heart.

It was really hard work, and probably the biggest celebration of Singaporean art I have ever witnessed... Probably the most fulfilling, important, and fun show I've ever done!

It is not that she does not prefer bigger shows; her critical “career breakthrough” moments such as being the opening act for Tegan and Sara have propelled her to further her passion with confidence and increased public recognition. Weish is immensely grateful for all the opportunities and people that shaped her to become the performer she is today. The humble pie attributes her awesomeness to the people around her. 

It's been a really beautiful thing to have worked with genius people across so many scenes: post/prog-rock, indie/folk/pop, jazz and soul musicians, electronic artists... 

This spellbinding journey does not come without its costs. She admits that having so much focus placed on these involvements have left her exhausted and unable to devote time into developing her personal sound. However, she is continually motivated to keep going with all things music. Admittedly, the only real challenge is her day job, which spurs her to work on music as an emotional outlet. 

Well, let's just say it equips me with the frustration, indignance, displacement and hopelessness which serve as ammunition for songwriting!

Weish’s music has the quality to unconsciously draw you back. The hypnotizing sensory experience composes of a tasteful blend of haunting, bittersweet heartache, gypsy-like free spirited quality and endearing tunes that draw you back to her music over and over again. 

To experience her enchanting creations, Weish and .gif would be playing at Java SoundsFair 2014 in Jakarta come 24 to 26 October, alongside Cashew Chemists, Yuna, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and many more. 

I am awesome because I am surrounded by awesome people.
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