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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

The Revival Issue


The Revival Issue

Desiree Soh

AFTER A BRIEF period of quiescence, Obscured has been undergoing a restoration to activity and vigour. With our original intentions still intact, we went out to reinvent ourselves, working towards sustainability and possible local and world domination. 

Not only is the Revival issue precious to us in a retrospective manner where we remember the past, it is also a celebration of our triumphs and milestones in Obscured so far in our almost three-year long adventure. 

 Happenings: Singapore International Photography Festival

Happenings: Singapore International Photography Festival

 Happenings: Biji Mata Mak By Gunong Sayang Association

Happenings: Biji Mata Mak By Gunong Sayang Association

We say hello to the comeback of our Happenings page and welcome other surprise additions to the Obscured brand that we are still conscientiously working on. They shall stay quiet for now but not for long.

This is a toast to those who helped build Obscured up to what it is today through several reincarnations of the site and team. We salute you and the unfathomable amount of effort you put into Obscured in the hope of bringing it somewhere.

At that same saccharine note, let us play catch up with our past features that have carved out something for themselves through pure grit and passion for their craft. With multiple projects under their belt, our features continue to challenge themselves to push away from the blanket of obscurity they were hidden under into the eyes of the public. In our own little way, we round up our praises for these inspirational home-grown figures who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps to stand out in their own right in the local scene.

We bring you our Revival issue and the promise of many more good things to come. It is very much a revival for our features, as much as it is a revival for us. 

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