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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.




Obscured Team

AS WITH ALL first times, we were admittedly apprehensive and abashed. Yet, we knew we had to make this the best we possibly could and were blessed indeed to have found great partners who have helped with and contributed invaluably to the success of EXPOSED.

Much appreciation foremost to our venue sponsor, The Vault, for housing both party and ideas, and without whom we might have otherwise needed to consider our very non-existent secret basement and reconsider the entirety of our little exhibition. We are infinitely grateful to the following sponsors and partners who made the event possible:

BooksActually, Sarah & Schooling, Uyii x Legendary, The Penchant Notebooks, Heart.Core, The Arts House, Lomography SG, Kookie, Casey Chen, Buds Theatre Company, RJ Paper, Basis Bags, Visual Inconsideration, Wildcups, Void Intangible, The Fingersmith Letterpress and Flea and Trees.

In addition, we owe the event's cosy ambiance to the following outlets that helped us in publicising EXPOSED: 

NTU ADM, Eventful, Catalog Magazine, Pixiekrane, The Arts House, Culturepush, Artitude, Noise Singapore, Lian He Zao Bao, The Vault,, Wherevent, Visual Inconsideration, Communiteh Productions, Creative Mornings Singapore, City Nomads, Arts Republic, Andrew Sane, Dru Chen, wyd:syd, Pitch Feather, Pinvents, All Events in City, Poached Magazine, M.O.D.A, and 



The evening saw the musical talents of Cashew Chemists, Gentle Bones, Lin Ying and Joie Tan, and artists Ian Kong, Lim Qi Xuan, Marisse Isabel Caine, Kamal Tung, Jeremiah Wong, Hakym Noh, Jollin Tan, Tan Lixin and Madeline Wee, all of whom we cannot be more than glad to have had with us on board. It was an easy evening with music, drinks, and much local talent but so much would not have been the same without the crowd too who, of everything, have had taken time off Saturday evening to check out the obscured.


If you could only be at EXPOSED in spirit, we apologise that we cannot recreate the good buzz, live music, and exhibits for you. But take heart, there's at least one consolation: here's the night's playlist featuring a medley of local talents.

Or try spotting your friends in the shots from our photobooth


There is no time for a breather. With all serious partying aside for now, we are only left to anticipate the fun that is to come as we continue to keep keen eyes for aspiring artists and dreamers alike. We think you are going to want to keep around with us!  

All photographs in this post courtesy of Pandawithacamera

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