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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Hello Again


Hello Again

Obscured Team

A little hello

from our Editor-in-Chief


IN THE TIME we were away, we took for ourselves a trip around the world wide web exploring, configuring, and whirring quietly behind the screens, planning on how to best spring the most exciting summer return whilst still enjoying what we could of our little getaway.



As with all vacations, Obscured is back invigorated and inevitably, noticeably different - with a little holiday weight-gain. We have invested time and dimes into preening the look of the site, revamping our interface and getting ourselves dressed and ready in time for our re-launch party: EXPOSED (p.s. do RSVP).

Together with the good people at The Vault, we are taking our featured artists off online pages and hosting an exhibition on 24th August. EXPOSED will see the showcase of works from local musicians, filmmakers, photographers, writers, designers, and artists alike. We’d like to think that of everything else, we could surely do with a deserving swig and room of good company.



Apart from embellishing our (not so Gatsby-extravagant) party, we have been occupied with improving the site’s content and are always on the welcome for writers, designers, artists and thinkers who share our vision beyond, setting ourselves to drive, best in our capacity, the idea that the artist really do not need hope for appreciation only upon death. Trust, we know how difficult it is to try to have someone listen when the only voice you have is only as good as that for speaking underwater. It is on this that Obscured was conceptualized, with the intention to provide as a sounding board, doubling as a dignified space where artists of different genres may showcase their works and encounter the similarly-minded, in hopes to create an integrated and collaborative local arts community.


It was a quiet past few months that has been but with all that has been worked on and more in store (yes, our little elves are putting together a webstore that will be coming your way), I don’t suppose we are due for another retreat anytime yet. After all, as they say, winter is coming, and we much rather stick around our sunny isle lapping up trusty summer warmth. We’re pulling out our shades and spfs this time!

Yet, we are bounded, and we see it. Initiated together with our newly launched main site is Beyond, which functions as Obscured’s submission and suggestion page, throwing the role of curator to anybody with keen eyes, who may submit or suggest art works on behalf of artists whom they feel have been hidden under a blanket of obscurity. Unlike Obscured’s main site, Beyond is a portal and gallery page that houses the reception of any local art work. In addition to serving simply as inspiration and for viewing pleasure, works published on Beyond may be subsequently curated to be on the Obscured main page.



Amanda Trea Phua 

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