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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

The Nostalgia Issue


The Nostalgia Issue

Desiree Soh



“THOSE WERE THE DAYS,” we ponder thoughtfully through waves of nostalgia: we turn sentimental towards the past, personally associating euphoric memories with certain places and times. While living in the present and working towards the future, we often cash in on our memory bank and try to relive the past—or at least remember it in in all its romanticised glory. The past is king when viewed through rose-tinted glasses.

Nostalgia is no stranger to us seeing as how ubiquitous it is on the Internet. BuzzFeed and Thought Catalog pages celebrating our nostalgia, clamour for our attention with blasts from the past. They chronicle the cultural objects we loved back in the 90s or whatever decade people grew up in. I for one am guilty of craving for reminders of our intertwined pop cultural histories and identities. It makes for ephemeral feel-good moments and we squeals upon remembrance of a past television shows, cartoons or even the occasional boyband (Backstreet Boys anyone?).

Away from the frivolity and triviality, measured doses of nostalgia can be inspirational. Our features of the month demonstrate how nostalgia is something to be celebrated and built upon. 

There seems to be greater appreciation for the past whether it is retaining a pottery tradition and keeping a family’s heritage alive or a vinyl revival encapsulated in a brick-and-mortar record shop or even the reflection of personal memories of our halcyon days of youth into art works and poetry.

While I look inwardly to contemplate the memories that hold sentimental weight, I look towards home—quite literally—at the understated beauty of HDB flats as well as the one I call home. This brings us to our first ever Opinions piece by our very own Managing Editor, Syafiq Rafid. As a separate column away from our features, Opinions was manifested as a space for insights and perspectives on the art scene as well as a breeding ground for personal ideas on all things local to take shape and form. 

Read on on how the creative folks in this issue embrace the nostalgic close to their heart.

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