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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

The Thoughts Issue


The Thoughts Issue

Syafiq Rafid

To begin this issue on a personal note, I would like to share the recent experiences I have had in learning how to use film and film cameras as opposed to the digital mode that I am very much used to. Using a borrowed camera, I have shot a few rolls of film, and am now unafraid to say that film photography has helped me be a better observer of the world (despite the despairing quality of most of the photos). Below (at intervals) I have included some of my recent work. 

There is a clear difference between film and digital photography. The instant (and often rather unsatisfying) gratification of a DSLR lacks something that exists within the space between the exposure of the film and the development and collection of said film. Moving away from practicality and towards the realm of romantics, the wait we endure after opening the shutter is something I think everyone should experience (and own) once again. It gives us time to be with our thoughts. The gap between the process and the product allows the luxury of forgetting the photo we have taken, the ghost from the viewfinder. 

Similarly, with our everyday life, our thoughts are forgotten or pushed away via daily distractions we indulge in. Smart phones, portable music divert our attention away from our introspective tendencies so we can remain oblivious to the world both around and inside us. It gives us an excuse not to think, to just zone out, blob and be oblivious. Which, in all honesty, is very tempting and enjoyable to an extent (one that I believe, myself included, we all abuse). We forget and disuse the mind that we have, the thoughts it produces. 

Taking the lead from the many individuals and collectives featured in this month’s issue of Obscured, we should learn to break outside of our mental comfort zones. We should challenge ourselves to confront, humor and push the thoughts and musings we have. To the end of being better individuals, better thinkers, to be more than just the next person watching the lights change in the MRT or the sunrise and sunset without marveling at its brilliance

I invite you to partake in the mental and introspective awareness in the features of this issue. From the photos they take, the art, the music and (especially) their words. 

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