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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Dreamy, Romanticized Reality

Photo & Film

Dreamy, Romanticized Reality

Nicole Yeo

Featuring Jovian Lim


SEEING HIS WORK for the first time, I was struck by its purity, its surreal, dreamy and calming quality, its almost abstract composition.

It is an instinctive process for Jovian Lim to be able to construct concepts from the most basic items, producing an end result that astounds one to believe it was constructed from basic items.


As we settled into a café seat for our interview, Jovian began to share with me what he aspired towards in all his photographs: a romanticized reality, expressed abstractly. 

Clearly, Jovian is not the average photographer. What he captures isn't straight up, he manipulates and plays with the visuals of the objects and subjects he sees through his viewfinder.

For me it is not about the process, it is about the end result. Whatever works, whatever gets your image to speak the image to the audience, that’s important.

He elaborates on his photo-taking principals, “Personally I like to remove any significant cultural references from my work. I try to make everything as empirical as possible, just breaking it down to its key elements without any significance of time or place,” says the full-time photographer. Its clear that the 29-year-old attempts to keep his photos as boundless as possible, seemingly existing in any environment or time, limitless.

As he munches on his croissant, Jovian is in deep thought thinking about why photography draws him in deeply. “It is the charm of the photography that has the ability to freeze the moment and transport you to another place in silence.”

I remarked that his work's ethereal nature seems to almost carry with it a spiritual sense, and at that he pointed out that the divine, and nature, are great influences for him. In his own words, “It is how we see the world [to be] and how we see ourselves in the world. So I would say it is a metaphorical engagement, how I see the world and how I feel we should be engaging with it.”

What I think is beautiful may not be what 100% of the world thinks is beautiful and I don’t think that will ever happen because humans are so different. So I’m just doing what I feel is best from my own point of view so on aesthetic level it has to be what I deem as presentable to people.

I asked Jovian, so what is it exactly that he aims to tell with each photo he captures?

To Jovian, most importantly it has to be beauty. With beauty, greatness is tied together with the image. He feels that it brings positivity and goodness into the world.

In this world of so much advancement and complacency, Jovian’s way of making the world a purer and peaceful living home, he brings an avenue of peace and tranquil. 


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