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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Beauty Is Subjective

Photo & Film

Beauty Is Subjective

Dan Chan


“AS MY FAVORITE designer Karl Lagerfeld would say: “Photography is different from film, you can recreate a scene in film but you can’t in photography. A photograph is a photograph, each millisecond is so different from each other.” 

Inspired by fashion and cinematography, Reuben Foong fuses the two, creating a style of photography that he can call his own. Intrigued by the idea of beauty and different perceptions of it; Reuben captures moments that will never happen again.


At the tender age of 14, Reuben had been majorly obese (he weighed 130kg). He frequented his mother’s workplace, which was described to be plastered with massive prints of supermodels such as Hillary Rhoda, and Elizabeth Hurley. “They were so gorgeous, perfect skin and glossy hair,” he described in awe. Being exposed to such things at a young age had led to his curiosity in “beauty”.

Reuben’s first few attempts at photography was in fact for a module in school. He had to take good photographs in order to get good grades; this pushed his boundaries and honed his interests. “I had a friend who took gorgeous avant-garde photos, I knew how he took his photos, and so I tried emulating that.”


They were so gorgeous, perfect skin and glossy hair

A Self-Portrait 


Largely influenced by photographers such as Steven Meisel and Bruce Weber, Reuben’s style gravitates towards the fashion side of photography. He creates fantasies for viewers, opening their minds to different ideologies of beauty. Reuben discusses photography as if it were a one-way ticket to fantasy world, comparable to making a movie, being able to transport viewers to a place in his mind with just a simple click.


Reykjavik, Marrakesh, Venice, Florence, the Maldives, Norway, and Sweden are some of Reuben’s dream locations. Each of them having reasons of their own, with Reykjavik looking absolutely out of this world, like off a Game of Thrones set, and Marrakesh being filled with camels.


“Asia Without Borders” is a photography competition that Reuben had recently taken part in. Having returned from a photography school trip to Myanmar (Burma), he decided to submit some of his photos for the competition as they were fitting to the theme. Within a month, his lecturer alerted him that he had won the top prize for the “youth category”. “When I found out I had won, it was such a shocker,” laughed Reuben.

He creates fantasies for viewers, opening their minds to different ideologies of beauty... a one-way ticket to fantasy world

 Reuben’s brand of bohemian photography had garnered him quite a bit of recognition, one of which includes a series of advertisements that will be featured at local bus stops. He plans to expand his portfolio with hopes of signing on to a photography agency. 


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