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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.

Colours Of The Nocturnal Mind

Photo & Film

Colours Of The Nocturnal Mind


NO DSLRs, NO STRAPPY BAGS, NO HEAVY PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR, just a camera phone and the eye for good pictures. These are the tools used by photographer, Razifman Adnan.

The 23 year old private student also holds a part time job and says that with his busy schedule, he doesn’t get as much time looking for photos. So whenever and wherever inspiration allows, he will take the opportunity. 

You’ll never know when or where inspiration will pop-up, you need to be ready at all times, ready to capture and upload
Why Instagram? Cause it’s easy. I mean who hasn’t heard of Instagram right.

Yes my friends, he said “upload”. Making use of the popular social networking platform Instagram, Razif is able to display his works instantly and easily, giving access to whole viewing gallery at your fingertips. 

As we sat and spoke at the kopitiam, Razif paused to snap a photo, saying “saving this for later”. It led me to ask what inspires him. He simply answered “Anything and everything”. When asked to explain he said that everything around us can be inspirational, we just have to be able to see it. 

…but I think I’m at my best at night. I get all these ideas for projects at night and I try to accomplish them in the morning when the lighting is perfect

His projects on Instagram are children of such spontaneous inspirations. #backdoorpotraits and #actdeadpotraits are examples. “I wanted to take photos of things everyone can take a photo of but no one really ever does. Thus giving it a whole new meaning” he said.

Apart from that, Razif also ran a project that involved the public. #razifmanadnan_freeforall was a project where Razif provided raw photos for anyone and everyone to edit, even yours truly took part. This resulted in a lot of Instagrammers coming out to show their talents and also coming together to share their skills.

I was inspired by others and I’m glad that with this, I am able to inspire others in return

He also reminded me time and time again that colours are a really big part of his work he said that the emotions and feelings are translated in the colours. If one were to view his Instagram profile, one would realize the colours that are in play, bright, bold and brilliant.

Finally I asked, what’s next for Razifman Adnan? What can we expect?

He jokingly answered “that’s what I want to know too”. He said that he’s taking on one day at a time and he really doesn’t know what is in it for him yet. All that he can assure is that he’s working on a website to show more of his works. As for now, you can view his works on Instagram @razifmanadnan.       

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