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We scavenge and curate homegrown works from aspiring artists and dreamers alike.




Ansen Goh

Featuring Lai Wei Min


Thought makes us intricately human. It forms a large part of our identity. 

Our mind works in ways we do not understand. Our thoughts get mad and uncontrollable at times, irrational almost.

Pencil, acrylic on paper. Digitally Manipulated


Every dot drags itself from one point to another, forming a line. Every line winds and bends and curves; gracefully, haphazardly. Every stroke goes on top of another, layers upon layers, building on space. There is no turning back, addition being the only form of alteration.

Similarly, little ideas grow into forests in our minds. We can't un-think our thoughts, especially the ones that have a life of their own. The ones that manifest rapidly in time and space. before you know it - you are left struggling to pick apart a grand mass that is complicated, mostly disjointed, sometimes inconsistent.


Control your mind or your mind will control you.

We never take this too seriously until we lose control.

5- If My Thoughts Gave Me Bedhair.jpg

(5) If My Thoughts Gave Me Bedhair. Acrylic on Paper


If we can't prevent the manifestation of certain thoughts, how else do we then rewire our minds? 

Perhaps reiteration and repetition will help form better habits over time.

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