BEING AWAY FROM HOME allowed André Wee to hone his artistry at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Currently based back home in Singapore, André has exhibited and held workshops in numerous places such as Galerie Sogan & Art, Archifest, and Roots, a homecoming exhibition of overseas artists and designers.

Currently working on various commissions, André also busies himself with various personal projects that include playing around with virtual space and sculptures. His work ranges from editorial illustrations, advertising, to fine arts, concept art, and building virtual environments.

Oddly enough, apart from his influences from virtual realities, Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Ukiyo-e prints, André finds solace in architects, industrial designers, fashion designers and even in social media like Instagram.

It would be hard to pigeonhole his work as art or design, but André recalls his joy in solving problems through his art making. He believes that the primary role of a designer is problem solving through design, fortifying his role as a designer. While we are busy separating roles, André believes in removing the labels to further appreciate the different fields, and to see and create links between knowledge of various fields. With this philosophy, he believes that we approach anything from outside the box.

Through the looking glass, we might be feel that it would have given him added versatility, but he recounts that it feels different. Experiencing different cultures allowed André to appreciate the smaller things in life, abroad and at home, encouraging him to work harder to keep the important things that he enjoys.

There seems to be not much of a difference between Singapore and America as André recounts, but he does feel that the average Singaporean is not yet familiar with their local artists, designers, producers, and brands. If given a chance to present these local makers and craftsmen through more outreach than showcase, he believes that they may be appreciated better.


André encourages everyone to stay interested in life, love and whatever you dream of. He believes that Singapore does have a market for artists, and that all we have to do is to make it happen. He will definitely be back home again, but for now, he needs to head back to America for work.

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