WE’RE BARELY TWO decades into the millennium but the birth of a global, independent woman has begun to grow and take shape. Merging her traditional culture and roots with those of another (or even yet another), she has developed a unique sense of identity and personality that comes only by having lived and experienced. Stop and think – how does such a woman dress? What does she wear that allows her to easily transit between customs and cultures, work and play? That’s where Singapore-based label PANAYO steps in.

Spring/Summer 2013 II: Dark Allure

PANAYO, the ancient Sanskrit word for ‘confidence’, prides itself as an independent fashion label that fuses an artisanal aspect into their designs. Expect timeless minimalist pieces with a structural element – designer YY Liew incorporates geometry into her bold cuts and shapes. The label is targeted at the contemporary woman who is confident beyond mainstream fashion and fads.

Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection: Urban Nomad

Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection: Urban Nomad

Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection: Urban Nomad

Liew draws her inspiration from fashion legends like Yohji Yamamoto and Alexander McQueen, and strives to create unique and original pieces. Indeed, one can expect a more ‘fine-art’ quality with PANAYO – if you’re looking for a romantic and flowery dress for a date, move on. Liew intends her mostly monochromatic creations to be pieces of art, and for them to be a natural extension of the wearer’s personality. 

PANAYO is surprisingly wearable, despite all of its structural influences. While it has a strong silhouette, the lines are fluid and soft, and do not restrict movement.

For now, PANAYO is available via their website and HipVan.

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