FROM THE OUTSIDE, all you see is a little wooden door, and above the door spreads a seemingly makeshift shelter painted with alternate shades of black and white. Maybe, you would notice the red fire hydrant that lies on the wall beside it, or the menu chalkboard which guards this cottage-looking shop house, rain or shine. Maybe, you would also notice the symmetrical line of pine-tree-looking-trees as they greet you even in their fluffy greenery.

Maybe, you would notice the angular window which pans itself across the white wall, with tiny potted plants lined up at its ledge, like little kids peering out of their caged houses. But for sure, you would notice, this perfect looking “A” fit with prefect precision, which grabs your attention away from all the green and black and white and red. That “A”, in Assembly.

“What coffee would you like?”
“Black coffee or white?”
“A long black.”
“So, you like it black?” 

Yeah, that ended up with a flurry of silly laughter but that nod of dirty humour is probably how this service-oriented coffee house melts the ice and bridges the gap between served coffee and men. It’s friendly, it’s nice and you know how sometimes, it’s these cold sick humour which somehow makes your day.


What’s a coffee house in the absence of good coffee and munchies? Well, at least for Assembly, it does not disappoint. To talk about the coffee, it has a rich spread of carefully-brewed selections, from seed to being served in a dainty little coloured cup that would make you melt. And if your question is for the munchies, it would brandish its well-connected menu of all-day brunch, buttermilk waffles (which sweep a laundry-list of good reviews), sandwiches, croissants, light-bites and sweet treats. You name it, they have it.

So, this is Assembly Coffee. Now imagine, sitting in a space lit by streaks of sunlight seeping through the angular permeable glass window, and of course, the ceiling lamps that parachute from above. There is a faint religious churning of John Mayer’s playlist in the background, and when you look around, you only see people in smiles. You shut your eyes and you smell the gentle aroma of coffee and baked waffles escaping from the coffee-maker and the oven. Things appear so timeless, and I guess that is what Assembly Coffee offers – a secret hideout for catching up with long-lost friends and family over good food. And dishing only grade ‘A’ coffee and food, I reckon that’s what makes that  ‘A’ in Assembly.

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