DECKED IN BOOKS labelled with a Dewey Decimal System and handwritten labels “Art & Reference” to broadly classify the archives, The Independent Archive dedicates itself to the laborious act of archiving art that quickly disappears. Their lovely nook feels like a refuge for performance arts, cassettes safely kept in dry boxes and many other forms of video already stored in cloud forms of storage.

Yet, all this comes with a price- with a lengthy breakdown on their event page on their running costs; archiving comes at a premium in Singapore. Held from 17th to 25th January, it features a silent auction of art pieces, various musical performances and even a yoga class! All forms of donation are welcomed, ranging from money to just play music for them. The art pieces are actually made by local artists which are willing to sell it at the fundraiser- in which part of the money goes to the Archive.

 The Archive also teamed up with The Diarists in which musicians can contribute in kind by performing. Instead of charging a cover charge, there was a box placed silently in the corner for anyone that came into watch.

More than a place just for archival purposes; Kamiliah explains to me that the place prides itself in being a common space for people interested in local culture and art. I had the opportunity to go on the Sunday to catch ‘Ribena’ or better known as Rachel from Lost Weekend, a local indie pop outfit.

With people shifting in and out of the building; the entire affair is as they described- modest and understated. Yet, their only goal is to humbly preserve what they know is dear, a passion that they are chasing that I personally believe is worth supporting and our admiration.

Discover Independent Archives at 67 Aliwal St.

The Fundraiser lasts from 17th- 25th January, monetary contributions or otherwise are happily accepted.

Inquiries can also be put through to Alexander at [email protected], the manager of Independent Archives.

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