TRATTORIA GALLO D’ORO at Central Mall was recently revamped in the wake of a takeover. The ristorante’s new owner—Silvio Morelli—is a worldly fine dining chef, and having shifted to Singapore from the Caribbean in 2011, also a traveler at heart. Determined to inspire his brethren with his creativity and educate the world on diverse, ancient Italy, the Pisa native is constantly on the move in search of extraordinary memories.

Apart from his culinary accolades, the inquisitive Morelli dabbles in oil paintings, cardboard illustration, and abstract art. Much of what he does involves city impressions (Venice, Naples, Rome etc.), though the major in Industrial Design also dedicates a portion of his artistic flair to his personal journey around the world. 

The Live Travel of the Artist, a 2-part illustration initiated in Singapore, is a testament to Morelli’s experiential fervor. Upon one of his migratory CISCO cardboard boxes used for The Live Travel of the Artist are colored emblems of his journey, including a taped wooden figurine in palpable embrace and an eponymous wine bottle made entirely by him (yes, he can make wine too). The other part that is wall-framed in Trattoria Gallo D’oro features abstractions of a journey that knows no end and precludes no path. 

While some chefs are amenable to a compromise on authenticity for the local palate, Morelli finds that idea repulsive. Italian food, or any food for that matter, should be served as it was originally designed, according to the graduate from the Artistic Maturity Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. So if Carbonara was never meant to be a creamy delight that most Singaporeans envision, Morelli’s ristoranti will certainly avoid producing that aberration. 

The Magazine Road trattoria, where Morelli’s life work and the other art he procures are proudly exhibited with price tags, is at present the culmination of the chef owner’s incredible journey that includes years of training in Lyon, Brussels, Martinique, and now Singapore. Should anyone desire a clearer picture of Italy’s enshrined genealogy, pay a visit to Trattoria Gallo D’oro and an attentive Morelli will walk you through the country’s varied 21 regions. 

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