FRIENDS FROM AFAR (FFF) is founded by two friends, Michelle and Weiyan who share a voracious love for travel, craft and prints, and the label is a marriage of inspiration and meaning. Featuring clothes that capture a place or memory in time, the label is not about being on-trend or making a huge fashion statement – it’s about wearing something that evokes a certain emotion.

In this collaboration between Friends From aFar and photographer Ah Pek, sights around the cities of Dublin, Galway and Corcaigh are captured and screen printed onto t-shirts, shift dresses and t-dresses. Each piece of clothing is accompanied with a quote chosen by the photographer, seeking a chance encounter with someone else. 

The two friends share that their design ethos is ” always outward-looking and collaborative.” FFF give them the chance to connect with like-minded souls – the wanderers, photographers, story tellers and daydreamers – and to learn about what excites and inspires them.

Each capsule collection of printed apparel is based on a personal, unique narrative and its accompanying visual diary. The heart of FFF is about letting stories take flight by creating meaningful, well-crafted products.

If fashion is an extension of ourselves and shows others who we are without us having to speak, then it is only natural to carefully consider what we put on everyday. Something with meaning and purpose – worn primarily to soothe our need for self-identity and not for the sake of others. Still, it’s a bonus if the clothes were universally attractive

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